Cute Autumn Folk 재주소년-귤 Jejuboy-Tangerine



재주소년  are one of Korea’s Modern folk duos. Sang Bong Yu and Gyeong Hwan Park are friends with each other since primary school. When they were in middle school they made a band and started to write songs together. 재주 is combination Hanja/Chinese word of “talent” and “Jeju island”.


귤(Gyul/Tangerine) is my favourite song of theirs. In Korea 귤 comes out in the middle of Autumn. It’s changing season and many people have 귤 when they get flu because it has good source of Vitamins.

In this song the aroma of 귤 reminds the writer’s memory. The lyrics like are cute poem and the melody is lovely too. Let’s try to learn this song.


한국어 영어
오랜만에 In a long time
벌써 Already
나오다 Came out
얼굴 Face
스치다 To graze
바람 Wind
차졌다/차다 Became cold
지나다 Pass
ㄹ 줄이야 I've never imagined
주머니 Pocket
냄새 Smell
배긴 Absorbed
향기 Aroma Fragrant
맡다 Smell( something)
이맘 때 Around this time
실려/실리다 Carried
떠나가다 Leave
기억 Memory
지나 Pass
이제야 Now
고민 Agony


Here is the original 한글 가사 Korean lyric and my brilliant student George’s English translation.


영어 번역/조지 씨 English Translation/George


오랜만에 학교에서 후식으로 나온 귤

We used to  have tangerines for dessert at school.

아니 벌써 귤이 나오다니

Oh, it’s tangerine season already.

얼굴을 스치는 바람이 좀 차졌다

The wind grazes my face and makes it a little cold.

생각은 했지만 벌써 이렇게 시간이 지났을 줄이야

I never imagined that time could pass so quickly


지난 겨울 코트주머니에 넣어두고

먹다 손에 냄새 배긴 귤

Last winter I put a tangerine I was eating into my coat pocket

and the scent soaked into my hand

그 귤향기를 오래만에 다시 맡았더니

The aroma of that tangerine again

작년 이맘 때 생각이나네

Reminds me of this time last year


찬 바람에 실려 떠나갔던 내 기억

The memory that was brought out by that cool breeze

일년이 지나 이제야 생각이나네

Has come back even though a year had passed

지나면 아무것도 아닌 일들로

나는 얼마나 고민 했었나

I thought I was in agony, but now I can see that I was worrying over nothing.


How cute is it! Now let’s sing this song together and have some 귤!








Amy Kim is a South Korean native who relocated to Manchester. When not teaching Korean, she spends her free time reading & painting.