How to make home style비빔밥 Bibimbap in 10 mins.



What is 비빔밥?

비빔밥 is one of the most famous Korean dishes. In 2011, it was listed as number 40 in the World’s 50 most delicious foods.

One of the most famous provinces for 비빔밥 is 전주Jeon ju. 전주 비빔밥 served with rice cooked with beef bone stock. The vegetables that are included are: bean sprouts, radishes, zucchinis, cucumbers, carrots, crown daisies, mushrooms, bracken fern stems, lettuces and chives. On top of the vegetables, they add beef and egg with 고추장 Korean chilli paste. Sometimes 전주 비빔밥 could be served with over 30 ingredients. All of the ingredients, colours and the taste are symbolic to the meaning of Yin and yang and the five elements.

For sophisticated presentation, the chef needs to cook all ingredients individually. That’s why it’s usually served when special guests visit home.

Let’s learn more about 전주비빔밥 Jeonju bibimbap!



Home Style 비빔밥?

But actually, many Koreans eat 비빔밥 in an easier way when at home. Home style 비빔밥 is a lot different from restaurant quality 비빔밥. It usually follows the literal meaning of 비빔밥, which means “mixed rice(비빔/비비다+ )”. Most common ingredients for home style 비빔밥are “반찬(ban chan/side dish)” or 김치Kimchi. And people usually put all of the ingredients in a big bowl and mix it thoroughly. You might have seen like this in some Korean dramas!




+How to make it?

So, I am going to introduce you how to make home style 비빔밥 in English.

재료 Ingredients  &   구입처 Places to buy

야채믹스 / a bag of stir fry veg mix (including bean spouts)  –  any big market

고추장 / Korean chilly paste –   Asian/Korean market

참기름 / Korean sesame oil  – Asian/Korean market

(햇반) / Korean cooked rice  –  any big market or Asian market

계란/간 쇠고기 / Egg/ Minced Beef. (optional)   –  any market


단어 Vocabulary

한국어  –  English

야채/채소  –  Vegetables

밥  –  (Cooked) Rice

기호 – Taste

고추장 – Chilly paste

참기름 – Sesame oil

계란 – Egg

간 쇠고기 – Minced beef

비비다  – Mix

볶다  – Stir fry

짜다/짜요  – Salty

맵다/매워요 – Spicy

잘 먹겠습니다  – Thank you for your meal.

잘 먹었습니다  –  I had it well.

배 고파요  –  I am hungry

배 불러요  –  I am full



조리법 Recipe:

1) 햇반을 2분 동안 전자렌지에 돌린다.

Microwave 햇반 for 2 mins.

2) 야채가 살짝 부드러우면서 씹는 맛이 느껴질 때까지 2분 동안 볶는다. 기호에 따라서, 생으로 먹을 수도 있다.

Fry the veg mix for 2 mins until it gets slightly softer, but is still crunchy. Depending on your personal taste, you could even have them raw.

3) 간 쇠고기를 대략 2분 정도 볶는다. 계란 후라이도 만든다. 기호에 따라 이 부분을 생략할 수도 있다. Fry the minced beef for approximately 3 mins. Fry an egg too. Depends on the taste, you could skip this part.

4) 밥과 야채를 큰 샐러드 볼에 1:2 분량으로 담는다. 맛을 위해 넉넉한 양의 고추장을 넣고, 향을 위해 참기름도 넣어준다.

Put the rice and vegetables in a big salad bowl as 1:2 portion. Add a hearty amount of Korean chilly paste for the signature flavour, sesame oil for the rich aroma.

5) 여기가 가장 중요한 부분이다. 밥알이 주황색이나 빨간색으로 변할 때까지, 맛이 충분히 배어들도록 잘 비빈다.

This part is the most important part. Mix them thoroughly until all of the rice grains absorb the flavour and it turns into orange/red colour!

6) 맛있게 비빔밥을 먹는다! 잘 먹겠습니다!

Enjoy your home style 비빔밥! Thank you for your cooking!


Amy Kim is a South Korean native who relocated to Manchester. When not teaching Korean, she spends her free time reading & painting.