September/Korean Phrases of the Day- 필수 한국어 Essential Korean



Korean English
또 봐요. (ddo-bwa-yo) See you.
축하해요! (chuk-ha-hae-yo) Congratulations!
괜찮아요. (gwaen-chan-a-yo) It's ok.
조심하세요. (jo-sim-ha-se-yo) Be careful.
서두르세요. (seo-du-leo-se-yo) Hurry up.
몰라요. (mol-la-yo) I don't know.
알아요. (a-la-yo) I know.
조금. (jo-geum) little
도와주세요! (do-wa-ju-se-yo) Help!
그래요? (geu-lae-yo) Is that so?
다시 말씀해 주세요. (da-si-mal-sseum-hae-ju-se-yo) Please say it again.
언제든지 (eon-je-deun-ji) Anytime
걱정하지 말아요. (geok-jeong-ha-ji-mal-a-yo) Don't worry.
맞아요. (mad-ja-yo) That's right.
왜요? (wae-yo) Why?
어떻게? (eo-ddeod-ke) How?
언제? (eon-je) When?
뭐? (mwo) What?
뭐라고요? (mwo-la-go-yo) What did you say?
뭐해요? (mwo-hae-yo) What are you doing?
뭐예요? (mwo-ye-yo) What is it?
어디? (eo-di) Where?
어디예요? (eo-di-ye-yo) Where are you?
어디가요? (eo-di-ga-yo) Where are you going?
누구? (nu-gu) Who?
누구세요?(nu-gu-se-yo) Who are you/ Who is this?
잘 자요. (jal-ja-yo) Good night.
푹 자요. (puk-ja-yo) Sleep tight.
좋은 꿈 꿔요. (jo-eun-ggum-ggwo-yo) Sweet dream.
실례합니다. (sil-lye-ham-ni-da) Excuse me.
계세요? (gye-se-yo) Anybody here?
잘 먹겠습니다. (jal-meog-ged-seum-ni-da) I will eat well.
잘 먹었습니다. (jal-meo-geud-seum-ni-da) I had it well.
수고하세요. (su-go-ha-se-yo) Thank you for your work/ Cheers.


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