Learning a new language is a great means of personal development. It’s fun, challenging & very rewarding. I’d know first-hand, as I have studied English most of my life and I am now Bi-lingual.

For me personally, learning a second language has given me rich travel experiences that my friends and family have missed out on. It has even also allowed me to live in a foreign country & adapt to the local culture (why I’m now living in Manchester).

Without speaking both Korean & English, none of this would have been possible.

Why learn Korean? That’s down to the needs of the individual student! Some common reasons are:

  • Business Korean
  • Interest in Korean Culture
  • Fantastic travel opportunities
  • Preparation for teaching in Korea
  • Massive K-Pop fan!

Korea is gaining popularity as a tourist destination & the economy is going from strength to strength. Now is the perfect time to learn Korean.

Tailored classes around you, no matter your learning level or availability is.

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If you can’t study yet, it’s okay!

Check out my Korean daily study page. You can learn lots of vocabulary & grammar.

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