Business speaks a lot of different languages, not just English. It has never been more important to have staff on board with the language skills to help your business.

Having staff on hand to be able to communicate with business prospects can make or break a deal.

Business Korean classes cover the basics like reading and writing, then basic phrases. From here, we put emphasis on real-world business situations. Such as:

  • Meetings
  • Business dinners
  • Social hierarchy

Social hierarchy is the biggest hurdle in inter-culture business. South Korea has a wildly different culture from the UK. For instance; age plays a massive role in both the way you speak to somebody and also body language. There are also a number of faux pas that can be potentially damaging to a business deal.

I can help prepare your business and educate your staff so that you are well armed with Korean business knowledge.

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What about Pricing?

Business Korean classes range in price, depending on the number of students.

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