Whether you’re a complete beginner when it comes to Korean, or an advanced student who is looking to brush up their skills, I can accommodate your needs. Classes can be for individuals or groups, as both have their benefits.

Typically, classes consist of the following. But every class can be made to suit your needs & the syllabus is flexible.

Beginner Classes

  • Learning how to read and write 한글Hangul (Korean alphabet)
  • Cultural Insights- Korean holidays, social issues, health care & school systems, Gangnam style, Korean extreme food, etiquette etc.
  • Greetings/Introductions
  • Basic grammar- Subject/Object particles, Pronouns, Tenses, Verbs, Interrogative, Negative Expressions etc.
  • Basic conversation – Ordering food/ Shopping/ Counting Numbers & Money/ Telling Time/ Describing Daily Life/ Phone call etc.
  • Basic vocabulary – Job/ Nationality/ Numbers/ Days of the Week & Months of the Year/ Basic verbs/ Places/ Daily Life Expressions etc.
  • Survival Korean
Intermediate Classes

  • The lesson is taught with 30-40% Korean speaking. We discuss free topics of Korean conversation.
  • Cultural Insights – Learn K Pop, Learn how to cook Korean Food etc.
  • Grammar focus – Particles, Time Expressions, Ability and Possibility, Asking Opinions & Making Suggestions.
  • Intermediate conversation – Making causal relation sentences, Advice & Suggestions, Experience etc.
  • Read text messages, short essays, advertisements etc.
  • Write short essays, diary, e-mail etc.
Advanced Classes: Korean Immersion Class

  • Full Conversation & Probing for Information.
  • Cultural Insights – Korean drama & movie lessons, Korean history, Korean Maxim, Korean Slang etc.
  • Advanced Grammar – Different types of speaking/ Office Korean, Honorific way of speaking, 반말(ban-mal), 맞춤법 etc.
  • Advanced Conversation – Diverse topics to express philosophy, debates, Speak and understand Idioms etc.
  • Lessons designed by students needs – Business Korean, TOPIK, K- pop, K- drama, Korean movie classes, Korean Literature, Debates etc.

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Decided on your level?

Even if you are not sure of the best level, we can easily adapt classes to suit your needs.

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