15 Commonly Used Korean Maxims

15 Commonly Used Korean Maxim   가는 말이 고와야 오는 말이 곱다. Nice words for nice words. (When you speak gently and kindly, people speak back nicely to you too.)   겉 다르고 속 다르다. The surface is different and…

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12 Commonly Used Korean Slang

12 Commonly Used Korean Slang   1. 대박 Literally it means bonanza. It has the meaning as awesome, brilliant, amazing. But you could also use it as weird or crazy too. 오늘 수업 정말 대박이었어. Today's lesson was awesome!  …

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Konglish is a Korean interpretation of English words that are used a lot in daily life. So if you understand what these words means, it will help you out to understand the conversations.   화이팅(hwaiting/paiting) English meaning: Fighting Konglish meaning:…

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K Grammar/Intermediate Level 1

A. Verb (으)ㄹ 뻔했어요 : I almost did it. 1) Verb stem ends with vowel : ㄹ 뻔했어요. 넘어질 뻔했어요. I almost fell over. 2) Verb stem ends with consonant(final/받침): 을 뻔했어요. 지갑을 잃어버릴 뻔했어요. I nearly lost my wallet.…

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K- Grammar/ Beginning Level 1

                A. Subject Particle Noun 이/가 1) Word stem ends with vowel: Noun 가 챔프가 Champ is 2) Word stem ends with consonant(final/받침): Noun 이 서울이 Seoul is What is the difference between 은,는? 은,는 is a subject particle as…

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