On this page, you will find a long list of Korean grammar & vocabulary. I regularly update it, so check back often. You can use this to study Korean by yourself!

12 Commonly Used

Korean Slang

Read all about Korean Slang.


Read all about Konglish for December.

Korean Grammar
Beginning Level 1

Read all about Korean Beginner’s Grammar for October.

Korean Grammar
Intermediate Level 1

Read all about Korean Intermediate Grammar for October.

Essential Korean Phrases
필수 한국어

Read all of September’s Korean phrases of the day.

Relationship & Personality Vocabulary
관계와 성격

Brand new relationship & personality phrases andwords..

Korean Vocabulary – Opposite Words

Read about opposite words in Korean on my new blog post.

Korean Vocabulary – Greetings & Emotions
인사말과 감정표현

Read about greetings and emotions in Korean on my new blog post.

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