14th Days- Funny Celebrations in Korea


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It’s not a public holiday, but  the 14th of each month young Koreans celebrate this date. This month, me and my young students celebrated Black Day. Let’s take a look at what these days are:


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114일 다이어리 데이 14th January, Diary Day

다이어리를 선물하는 날

People exchange diaries to celebrate the start of the new year.


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214일 발렌타인 데이 14th February, Valentine’s Day

여자가 남자에게 초콜릿을 선물하는 날

It’s the opposite of the western style celebration. In Korea, women give chocolate to their lovers and confess their love. Girls also give chocolates to their male friends or co-workers.


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314일 화이트 데이 14th March, White Day

남자가 여자에게 사탕을 선물하는 날

This time, guys give candy to girls. It could be an answer for Valentine’s Day, or just a general gift for their female friends and co-workers.


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414일 블랙 데이 14th April, Black Day

애인이 없는 사람들끼리 검은 옷을 입고 짜장면이나 블랙커피를 마시는 날.

Single people wear black clothes and have black noodles or black coffee.


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514일 옐로 데이, 로즈 데이 14th May, Yellow Days or Rose Day

애인이 없는 사람들끼리 노란 옷을 입고 카레를 먹는 날. 연인끼리는 장미를 주고 받는 날.

Single people wear yellow clothes and have curry. Lovers exchange roses. Poor singles.


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614일 키스 데이 14th June, Kiss Day

연인끼리 키스하는 날

The day people kiss their lovers.


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714일 실버 데이 14th July, Silver Day

은반지를 주고 받으며 사랑을 약속하는 날

Lovers exchange silver rings and promise their love to each other.


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814일 그린 데이 14th August, Green Day

연인끼리 삼림욕을 즐기는 날. 애인이 없는 사람들은 소주를 마시는 날.

Lovers explore the forest and immerse themselves in nature. Single people drink Soju (Soju bottles are green).


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914일 포토 데이, 뮤직 데이 14th September, Photo Day or Music Day

연인끼리 사진을 찍거나 음악을 듣는 날

Lovers take photos or listen to music together.


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1014일 와인데이, 14th October, Wine Day

연인끼리 와인을 마시는 날

Lovers drink wine together.


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1114일 오렌지 데이, 무비 데이, 14th November, Orange Day or Movie Day

연인끼리 오렌지 쥬스를 마시거나 영화를 보는 날

Lovers drink orange juice or watch a film together.


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1214일 허그 데이, 14th December, Hug Day

연인끼리 안아주는 날

Lovers hug each other.


Other funny days.

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33, 삼겹살 데이, 3rd March Pork belly Day

삼겹살 a cut of pork belly with 3 strips of fat through the middle. Because this date is the third of the third (03/03), Korea’s Federation of Livestock Cooperatives made this day to encourage people to have 삼겹살.


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1111일 빼빼로 데이, 11th September Bbebbero Day

People exchange 빼빼로 (Chocolate covered stick, similar like Pocky).




Amy Kim is a South Korean native who relocated to Manchester. When not teaching Korean, she spends her free time reading & painting.