My moan about English service.

One of the most devastating things about living in England is the quality of service – it is as slow as it is bad. I got to get it off my chest!

  • Almost all shops are open for only office hours.
  • The clothes are over priced and bad quality.
  • Trams and trains are super expensive and always late or broken.
  • Fixing a lock costs a fortune with a lock smith.
  • Estate agents don’t bother to fix property problems.
  • Call centres always “have an unexpected volume of calls” – if it’s the same 24 hours a day, then you should expect the calls and hire more people!
  • Having internet installed can take weeks sometimes!

In Korea, if you call about internet then the engineer will be out the same day and you will be online by the time rice is ready for dinner. Call centres answer the call within 1 minute and are open late. The metro system in Korea runs on time and only costs about £2 for a day.

Convenience stores in Korea are 24 hours a day and prices are fair. Restaurants all stay open late and you can get food delivered until 3am every day.

I guess Koreans are not as patient as English people. I guess it is not all bad living in England though. My favourite things are:

  • True multi-cultured society.
  • Laid back approach to work.
  • Shorter working hours.
  • Many individual style and personalities.
  • Excellent health service!!!!

I guess there are good things and bad things about living in a foreign country. You can’t have the best of both world, but I wish I could!