September/Korean Phrases of the Day- 필수 한국어 Essential Korean

  [table] Korean,English 또 봐요. (ddo-bwa-yo),See you. 축하해요! (chuk-ha-hae-yo),Congratulations! 괜찮아요. (gwaen-chan-a-yo),It's ok. 조심하세요. (jo-sim-ha-se-yo),Be careful. 서두르세요. (seo-du-leo-se-yo),Hurry up. 몰라요. (mol-la-yo),I don't know. 알아요. (a-la-yo),I know. 조금. (jo-geum),little 도와주세요! (do-wa-ju-se-yo),Help! 그래요? (geu-lae-yo),Is that so? 다시 말씀해 주세요. (da-si-mal-sseum-hae-ju-se-yo),Please say it again.…

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Korean Phrases of the Day (July & August) : 관계 Relationship & 성격 Personality

July- 관계 Relationship   [table] Korean,English 모태 솔로 (mo-tae-sol-lo),Somebody single 썸 타다. (sseom-ta-da),Flirting each other 여자친구 (yeo-ja-chin-gu),Girlfriend 남자친구 (nam-ja-chin-gu),Boyfriend 훈남 (hun-nam),Warm-hearted guy 잘생겼어요. (jal-saeng-gyed-sseo-yo),Handsome 예뻐요. (ye-ppeo-yo),Pretty 심쿵 (sim-kung),Something that is so cute or lovely [/table] August- 성격  Personality   [table]…

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Korean Phrases of the Day (June)

반대말. Opposite words. I forgot. 잊어버렸어요. (i-jeo-beo-lyeod-sseo-yo)   I remember. 기억해요. (gi-eog-hae-yo)   It’s big/ tall. 커요. (keo-yo)   It’s small/ short. 작아요. (jag-a-yo)   It’s noisy. 시끄러워요. (si-kkeu-leo-wo-yo)   It’s quiet. 조용해요. (jo-yong-hae-yo)   It’s easy. 쉬워요. (shwi- wo-yo)…

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Korean Phrases of the Day (April & May)

Here is a compete list of my phrases of the day for April & May - Practice them all! Greetings: [table] Hello 안녕하세요. (an-nyeong-ha-se-yo) How have you been 잘 지냈어요? (jal-ji-naed-sseo-yo) Have a great weekend 주말 잘 보내세요. (ju-mal-jal-bo-nae-sse-yo) 주말…

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Korean Spicy Food

The thing I miss most about Korea, is food. In Korea, the food commonly uses chilli paste or powder and we have primarily spicy dishes. Living in England is the opposite! Not many spicy dishes except curry. But this is…

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Let’s learn K-Pop: Infinite – Back

K-Pop Translation - Infinite Below I've added one of my student's favourite songs with an English translation. If you're a fan of K-Pop then take a look at this. Watch the video below and see the lyrics below! Infinite…

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